Upgrade projects impact perimeter gates
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Upgrade projects impact perimeter gates

May 08, 2023

File photo by Erin Elise Enyinda

Gate 7 on Martin Road west is scheduled to have speed humps installed.

Motorists passing through Redstone Arsenal gates will notice a few projects scheduled for this month.

Gates 7 and 8 are scheduled to have speed humps installed in June, according to Marcus Clay, physical security specialist at the Garrison.

"DPW has been installing speed humps on the various gates," Clay said at the Commander's Update Brief on May 31. "We’re down to finishing Gate 7 and we’ll be moving on to Gate 8. Those are the last two gates that we have to work on" to add the speed humps.

Clay said most of the concrete work for the two projects will be done on weekends and after-duty hours. "Traffic will be down to one lane for the striping work," he said.

The installation of the Gate 7 speed humps is scheduled for June 2 and 3, and June 5-9. The Gate 8 installation will take place during the weeks of June 5-9 and June 12-16, according to the CUB presentation.

In another project, the installation of a multi-camera facial recognition test project at Gate 10 will start on June 12.

"We have facial recognition here on the installation for single occupants," he said. "This is a pilot program that will allow up to four occupants in the vehicle to be recognized with that system. We’ll start that (installation) process on the 12th of June."

That work will not take place during peak traffic hours, Clay said.

In March 2021, Redstone launched a pilot program using the facial recognition software to grant gate access.

Currently, though, all motorists coming through Redstone Arsenal gates are again having their access card scanned as part of an Armywide 100% ID check to revalidate labor force support requirements.

The 100% ID checks run June 1-14. The first round of mandatory checks lasted from April 28 to May 12.

During this period, the Trusted Traveler Program, Facial Recognition System and RFID lanes will be curtailed. The Army will compare the results of the two phases and calculate more accurate labor force needs.

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