2024 Range Rover Sport SV: A Cayenne Killer In The Making?
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2024 Range Rover Sport SV: A Cayenne Killer In The Making?

Jul 17, 2023

With a potent hybridized V-8, innovative suspension tech, and weight-saving measures, the SV Sport is the most powerful Land Rover to date

The race for supremacy in the performance SUV domain witnesses a dynamic shift with the debut of the 2024 Range Rover Sport SV. This revolutionary masterpiece from Land Rover is not merely an upgrade – it's an audacious declaration of the brand's unfaltering commitment to superior performance, technology, and luxury.

With the Sport SV, the ‘Sport’ in SUV takes on an entirely new depth of meaning. The dynamic performance and assertive presence that define the Range Rover lineage have been distilled into this formidable new champion. This striking vehicle is set to challenge luxury high-performance SUVs from Bentley, Porsche, and even Lamborghini, promising a level of refinement and dynamism yet unseen in the market.

Crafted by Land Rover's SVO personalization division, the Sport SV is as unique. With an array of personalization options to choose from, buyers can add a personal touch that makes each Sport SV one-of-a-kind. So, in the realm of performance SUVs, the Range Rover Sport SV is more than a new model - it's a statement of power and refinement.

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At the heart of the 2024 Range Rover Sport SV is an engineering masterpiece - a BMW-sourced 4.4-liter Twin-Turbo MHEV V-8 gasoline engine. With an impressive 626 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque, this powerhouse propels the vehicle from 0-60mph in a mere 3.6 seconds, reaching up to a breathtaking top speed of 180mph.

But that's not all. For 2024, the P550e plug-in electric hybrid marks a significant evolution, replacing the former P440e and offering an increased EV range of 51 miles. Brought together with the 3.0-liter six-cylinder Ingenium gas engine, this hybrid system churns out an impressive 542 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. Thanks to the renewed transmission and enhanced electric motor, the P550e electric hybrid becomes strikingly responsive. It manages to leverage both power sources to race from 0-60mph in just 4.7 seconds.

This power-packed, eco-friendly machine also integrates the latest generation Pivi Pro infotainment technology, enhancing its overall appeal and consolidating its place in the extensive Range Rover Sport powertrain line-up. This tasteful blend of potency and sustainability defines the future of sporty, eco-conscious driving.

This remarkable performance leapfrogging, the Range Rover Sport SVR, is a testament to a host of state-of-the-art features. A noteworthy highlight includes a significant weight reduction through the use of carbon fiber elements.

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Redefining the rules of dynamics and control, the 2024 Range Rover Sport SV sports the 6D Dynamics suspension system. This ground-breaking semi-active system combines hydraulic interlinked dampers, height-adjustable air springs, and pitch control. Its main aim? To maintain a near-level body stance during acceleration and cornering, increasing grip, and enhancing comfort.

Lower than its siblings by 10mm to 25mm depending on the drive mode, the 6D Dynamics suspension collaborates with other advanced systems to offer a unique SV-tuned experience. Nick Collins, Executive Director of Vehicle Programmes at JLR, praises the Sport SV for its "optimum blend of supreme performance, unrivaled desirability, capability, and refinement."

The vehicle's agility is boosted by several newly developed chassis components including a new rear subframe, suspension links with revised geometry, and the fastest electronically power-assisted steering rack ever incorporated in a Range Rover. For the first time, 305-section rear tires, wider than the 285-section front ones, developed by Michelin have been fitted, enabling a rear-biased dynamic setup designed for enhanced stability and traction.

Stepping on the gas, the Sport SV can generate more than 1.1G of lateral acceleration on all-season tires. This marks a substantial 22 percent increase from its predecessor, making it a fierce contender even amongst sports cars.

A notable addition is the eight-piston Brembo Octyma front calipers, the largest ever fitted to a Range Rover. Developed exclusively for the Sport SV, these calipers come in customizable colors including Yellow, Red, Carbon Bronze, and Black.

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As you approach the 2024 Range Rover Sport SV, be ready to be greeted by an irresistible blend of vigor and elegance. The aerodynamic front end, carbon fiber-accented bumper blades, and unmistakable quad tailpipes project an image of raw power tempered with refinement. It's like the vehicle is poised to unleash its inner beast on the tarmac.

From an optional 23-inch carbon fiber wheel to a standard-fit carbon fiber hood, the weight-saving measures extend to even the aerodynamic enhancements. The introduction of Carbon Ceramic Brakes on a Range Rover vehicle is yet another feather in the cap.

The invitation-only SV EDITION ONE specification, exclusively available to select clients globally, offers a curated selection of top-tier feature combinations, color palettes, and finishes. Uniquely, each SV EDITION ONE receives exclusive branding touches. From the front splitter and the center console to the treadplates and puddle lamps, every detail exudes an aura of exclusivity.

The interior is equally mesmerizing, inviting you into a cockpit that breathes performance. The SV Performance Seats, backed by satin carbon fiber and adorned with illuminated SV logos, give a nod to the vehicle's racing DNA. Coupled with the Ultrafabrics PU interior, the driver-centric design envelops you in an atmosphere of luxury and dynamism. The tactile pleasure of the cool-to-touch ceramic gear shifter and translucent edge-lit paddles only enhance the excitement of piloting this remarkable machine.

And then there's the audio experience— it's nothing short of revolutionary. The groundbreaking Body and Soul Seat (BASS) co-developed with SUBPAC, transcends traditional audio limits to introduce a physical dimension to the listening experience. Imagine the thrill of the engine's roar and the beat of your favorite tracks coursing through your body.

To elevate the experience further, the SV teams up with Coventry University's National Transport Design Centre and the School of Media and Performing Arts. They've orchestrated a selection of six audio tracks, each designed to induce a specific mood – from invigorating your senses with "Energize" to lull you into tranquility with "Calm".

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Inside the new Range Rover Sport, you'll find a blend of cutting-edge technology and elegant design. The 13.1-inch floating glass touchscreen hosts the Pivi Pro4 infotainment system, designed for intuitive interaction with minimal distraction.

The inclusion of sidebar sliders for easy control of volume and climate settings adds a level of immediacy to your driving experience. Even more impressively, the new Country Road Assist technology now graces the Range Rover Sport for the first time. This intuitive feature uses navigation data to automatically adjust your cruise control speed based on upcoming bends or changes in speed limits.

Voice control integration, thanks to Amazon Alexa AI6 and Land Rover's proprietary systems, offers the freedom to make on-the-go changes to your cabin environment, providing seamless connectivity without distracting you from your drive. And to ensure your vehicle remains at the peak of its potential, the over-the-air software updates keep the Range Rover Sport in tune with the latest advancements.

While the 2024 Range Rover Sport SV makes a compelling statement today, rumors persist of an even mightier SVR model in the works. But for now, the Sport SV stands triumphant as a beacon of performance, innovation, and unparalleled luxury in the SUV segment.

The new Range Rover Sport SV is set to arrive in a loaded Edition One specification, at a steep £171,460 when deliveries commence in early 2024. In the meantime, U.S. customers can indulge in the enhanced Range Rover Sport lineup, which is readily available starting at $83,600.

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