Bell bollard back in East Street and St Paul’s Street, Stamford
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Bell bollard back in East Street and St Paul’s Street, Stamford

Nov 29, 2023

A bell bollard which has caught a number of vehicles making illegal turns has been reinstated.

The bell bollard is now back at the corner of St Paul's Street and East Street having been gone from Stamford for a number of years.

Lincolnshire County Councillor Richard Cleaver (Ind - Stamford West) said he was asked about the bollard being put back a number of times. The location of the bollard is technically in the ward of Lincolnshire County Councillor Kelham Cooke (Con) who represents Stamford East.

Coun Cleaver said: "People are concerned about the safety at that junction, which is still an ongoing issue."

It is illegal for drivers to turn left from St Paul's Street onto East Street.

Anyone ignoring the signs is also running a red light at the pelican crossing, which is used often by pupils from Stamford Endowed Schools and Stamford College.

"At the council we are discussing how we can ensure with much more certainty that we can prevent people doing that illegal left turn going through the crossing," said Coun Cleaver, who is also leader of South Kesteven District Council.

He added that about once a month he sees people running the light and will often get his phone out to submit evidence to the police under Operation Snap.

The bollard was taken away following a crash in 2018 which involved a Range Rover getting stuck on top of it. It was replaced the following year.

It was hit again in 2020 but hasn't been replaced until now.

Bell bollards are installed with the aim of saving pedestrians from being knocked over by vehicles mounting the pavement.

The design means that no matter how big or heavy the vehicle, if it was to begin mounting the pavement the wheels of the vehicle would be deflected away or it would come to a halt.