Calls to control traffic in Coimbra
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Calls to control traffic in Coimbra

Nov 10, 2023

Coimbra Council has submitted an application to automatically control access to the historic centre only for authorised vehicles, according to councillor Ana Bastos.

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"It is on the table, integrated in an application for funding by the Coimbra Chamber, within the scope of 'Digital Neighborhoods', [a project] that provides for automatic access control based on reading license plates", said the councilwoman.

According to the official, if the municipality approves with funding, bollards will be installed in several places throughout the historic area (which already has limited access to authorised vehicles, namely residents and traders, but without any type of control).

"The Chamber authenticates people, a list of authorized people is drawn up, the system automatically reads the license plate, recognises it and opens a lowerable pin. Those who are not authorized will not be able to enter", said Ana Bastos.

The application of this system in the historic centre, in Alta and Baixa de Coimbra, seeks to prevent unauthorised cars from circulating on various roads in the historic centre.

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