Security at Yogi's residence to be enhanced
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Security at Yogi's residence to be enhanced

Jan 28, 2024


The security of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath‘s official residence on Kalidas Marg is being upgraded in response to recent threats. The entire stretch of Kalidas Marg will undergo enhancements and be equipped with advanced security and checkpoint devices worth Rs 25.15 crore.

The security measures will include upgrades at the Rajiv Chowk roundabout near the chief minister's residence, as well as entry and exit points along Kalidas Marg and the helipad area nearby. The decision to enhance security was based on recommendations from the security consultancy report of the Central Industrial Security Force, responsible for guarding Yogi Adityanath.

The government has allocated funds for the purchase and installation of advanced security gadgets and peripheral devices. These include under-vehicle surveillance systems, boom barriers, tire killers, road blockers, and bollards at various entry and exit points.

Similar security measures are also being implemented at the Gorakhnath Math and temple premises in Gorakhpur, where the chief minister resides. This includes an anti-drone system, bulletproof structures, non-lethal weapons, command and control system devices, and bulletproof jackets for the deployed personnel.

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