Anti-Collision Tyre-Killer for Garvoment Entrnace Control
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Anti-Collision Tyre-Killer for Garvoment Entrnace Control

Anti-Collision Tyre-Killer for Garvoment Entrnace Control

Hydraullic Anti-Terrorist Stainless Steel Tire Killer SafewaySystem- AT8500 hydraulic road blocker/barricade series are
Basic Info
Model NO. AT8500
Closing Time 1~3s
Color Yellow and Black
Tyre Killer Material Steel
Transport Package Packing in Pallet
Trademark Safeway System
Origin China
HS Code 73089000
Production Capacity 200sets/Month
Product Description

Anti-Collision Tyre-Killer for Garvoment Entrnace Control

Hydraullic Anti-Terrorist Stainless Steel Tire Killer

SafewaySystem- AT8500 hydraulic road blocker/barricade series are widely used in highway tool station, checkpoints, prisons, airports, government agencies, embassies, military base-station, custom ports, banks, industrial and mining companies, ports, warehouse, parking and all requests to control vehicle in and out restrict traffic places. Operator is issues a command by the control system, and the motor drive makes the stop device of the vehicle drop rapidly. After the vehicle is passed, the vehicle can be rapidly increased by the operator's remote control or manual button operation, in order to control the door of the driveway to release or seal, effectively prevent the vehicle from forcing the card.

Main technical parameters
Control systemelectric
Power220v (three phase four wire)
System power500w
Weight capacity100T
Opening time1~3s (can be adjustable)
Closing time1~3s (can be adjustable)
Blade height128±5mm
Remote control distance:>100m
Operating temperature-35ºC-75ºC
Storage temperature-40ºC-75ºC,waterproof,dustproof
Body sizethe width of interceptors 3000-16000mm (customized according to customer requirements),the height of clamshell 128 ± 5mm,the height and length of the size can be customized according to customer needs.
Configuration1. Mainframe:
Retractor mainly by the flip body, frame composition (anti-collision teeth can be adjusted according to customer needs height). Machine is the steel structure, and it is made of GB A3 steel blade, with high strength load-bearing and crash resistance; body without electricity, no line set, waterproof, safe. The device is buried in the lane or the designated location of the door, to limit the vehicle traffic.
2. Electrical integration remote control device box:
The control box is mainly composed of the motor, the reducer, the gear transmission group, the connecting device, the limit switch and so on. It is the power source of the whole choke system. The device is installed on the side of the choke, Can be changed by electronic control rising and lowering speed), power failure can be manually put anti-collision tooth nails, can also be manually raised.
3. Electrical control system:
Automatic electronic control part: control board, sub-control board, leakage switch, no contact noise high life contactor, precision start time setting (anti-motor stroke in place after the impact force, increase thelife of motor), can be set automatically (From the ground to the coil).
Automatic controller: including control box, remote control, manual button, etc. by the person on duty controlling
Product features:
1.Durable,Overload,Operate Smoothly,Low Noise,Fast speed up&dow
2.Micro-control technology makes bollards work stable and reliable,Easy integrate to other systems.
3.Compatible with road barrier,Turnstiles and other access system control to achieve automatic control.
4.Advanced mature low-speed motor drive technologies,high reliability, security and stability
5.Manual system device, meet fire management requirements (optional)
in the case of a power failure or in the event of failure, if the car is in the rising state of the need to fall, you can manually operate the lifting of the blocker teeth back to the horizontal position, so that vehicles pass.
In the case of a power failure or failure, if the car is in the closed state needs to be lowered, you can manually operate the car can be raised to prevent the vehicle into the strong
6.Remote control device:Remote control system realize wireless control up&down within 100 meters range.
Manual button device: through the security room in the manual switch button control box, the corresponding car drive up and down
7.According to user requirements can be installed the following functions (system support)
Swiping card system: built-in card reader to control bollards up&down
Barrier and car stop linkage: with barrier (block device) / access control, can achieve barrier, access control and carlock linkage.
Connect to the computer tube buried system or charging system: can connect tube embedded system and charge system, computer unified contro
8.Convenient maintenance: when the structure fails or the body is overhauled, the motor control box can be opened , and the corresponding operation can be carried out.

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