🔒PHOTOS: Dead birds encased in cement, diapers filled with sausage and pumpkins stuffed with meth; Go through the wild files of Customs & Border Protection in 2022
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🔒PHOTOS: Dead birds encased in cement, diapers filled with sausage and pumpkins stuffed with meth; Go through the wild files of Customs & Border Protection in 2022

May 18, 2023

Amanda Cochran, Digital Special Projects Manager

HOUSTON – U.S. Customs and Border Protection, also known simply as CBP, is charged with securing our nation's borders and facilitating lawful international travel and trade.

In that effort, the agency shares on social media some of its most notable finds in its efforts to stop illegal actions across the U.S.

Here are some of the more notable finds from 2022. Think bird carcasses encased in cement, pumpkins stuffed with liquid meth and cocaine called baby wipes and a single Egyptian artifact. (These tweets were captured from the CBP Twitter page that archives its tweets and retweets back to only June 17, 2022.)

#ICYMI - Last week, El Paso CBP officers identified an anomaly on a train arriving from Mexico. A CBP canine assisted and conducted a search of the railcar hopper, leading CBP officers to locate 215lbs of meth within the support beam.More: https://t.co/K0Rhbx8luz pic.twitter.com/aOhMXiiy6o

CBP officers discovered $33K in unreported currency possessed by an Egypt-bound traveler at Washington Dulles International Airport during a baggage examination on November 8. The traveler verbally reported that he had $20K.More: https://t.co/CIt6cIiBgr pic.twitter.com/rkIBAazqUH

Last week, CBP's "Beagle Brigade" member "Mox" alerted to a traveler's luggage in Atlanta. Inside, a CBP agriculture specialist found a live Giant African Snail. The suitcase also held prohibited goat meat, cow skins, melon seeds & vegetables.Read: https://t.co/2637QUsLIE pic.twitter.com/OTwvYzamHm

Ramey Sector Border Patrol agents seized 198lbs of cocaine Wednesday morning abandoned next to a makeshift "yola" vessel. The estimated value of the contraband is $2M.MORE: https://t.co/3WwSpcJnYF pic.twitter.com/I7NPkKnVNP


On November 10, CBP officers working at JFK Airport noticed that the wheels on a wheelchair were not turning. An x-ray flagged an anomaly in all four wheels. Concealed inside: 28lbs of cocaine with an estimated street value of $450K.Read more: https://t.co/vGej9Ngu69 pic.twitter.com/8qWlCtINZZ


CBP works in coordination with the @USFWS, @USDA, @CDCgov, state, local, and international law enforcement agencies to safeguard and deter the introduction of foreign animal disease, protect animal welfare, and more.More: https://t.co/hUyBMqhhRhhttps://t.co/csNBaTBBz2

Last Wednesday, El Paso CBP officers identified an anomaly on a train arriving from Mexico. A CBP canine assisted and conducted a search of the railcar hopper, leading CBP officers to locate 215lbs of meth within the support beam.More: https://t.co/K0Rhbx8Tk7 pic.twitter.com/4TqCuSPh7l

In October 2022, USBP agents:• seized over $500K worth of fentanyl: https://t.co/nPR5wZWiyS• arrested 64 Haitian migrants abandoned on Mona Island: https://t.co/5RT3l9nwVx• rescued 9 migrants from a cattle trailer during a traffic stop: https://t.co/h1m9dBFpcr pic.twitter.com/1QsRuK8VT5

In October 2022, CBP officers & ag specialists seized:• 2.2 tons of drugs worth $24M: https://t.co/wwIaTWwJ29• 5K+ lbs in cosmetics: https://t.co/3y0CCVDDGs• bird carcasses encased in cement: https://t.co/zIDbnYlbGM• 729lbs of bologna & cheese: https://t.co/pMH95x1CeJ pic.twitter.com/T7M9msAt5R

In October 2022, @CBPAMO agents:• intercepted a vessel transporting 2K lbs of cocaine: https://t.co/e8K98Nuqoa• seized 3 tons of cocaine in 1 week: https://t.co/FoOz5yGxvz• collaborated w/ @CBPRGV & local law enforcement to arrest 250: https://t.co/VTmylzsbtG pic.twitter.com/7tHq8wVl5E

During 2022, CBP agriculture specialists have stopped loads of invasive pests. Pests like: A stink bug in Brownsville: https://t.co/rejCjasssrA leaf beetle in Pharr: https://t.co/rdtiWYwikTA longhorn beetle in Roma: https://t.co/KrnqZOSiIi pic.twitter.com/C3mBm4OrXE


Last Wednesday, @CBPAMO agents intercepted a vessel with two occupants transporting 13 bales of cocaine. The weight of the bales was 851lbs, which is valued at $7.17M. READ: https://t.co/FzxnjtNNNT pic.twitter.com/GkM5e7E6o2

#ICYMI: In two unrelated incidents last week, @CBPSouthTexas CBP officers seized cocaine totaling over 94lbs while conducting inbound inspections. The narcotics have an estimated street value of over $1.2M.Learn: https://t.co/seuOnoPanw pic.twitter.com/AdqrBkef6i


El Paso CBP officers intervened in a failed attempt to smuggle 26lbs of meth and 10lbs of fentanyl in a single enforcement action. A non-intrusive inspection exam led CBP officers to locate 25 bundles of narcotics concealed within the vehicle.Learn: https://t.co/35MEkl7Snk pic.twitter.com/tKVrKKLGCp


CBP officers at the World Trade Bridge in Laredo seized over 2,000lbs of methamphetamine from a tractor trailer Tuesday following canine and non-intrusive inspections. The drugs have an estimated street value of $18.6M.MORE: https://t.co/7Y8HbVr5E4 pic.twitter.com/CJzKleNvVK


In two separate incidents last week, CBP officers seized 37 packages of cocaine at Hidalgo and Pharr International Bridges. The drugs have an estimated street value of over $1.2M.READ MORE: https://t.co/seuOnoPanw pic.twitter.com/iYW2ZBymwD

During routine inspections, Calexico CBP officers found almost 500lbs of meth inside rail cars. The estimated street value of the narcotics found in the three seizures was $583,272.MORE: https://t.co/JevxMdopPU pic.twitter.com/7a8vSTwJfP

#ICYMI - In late September, New Orleans CBP agriculture specialists discovered four Asian gypsy moth egg masses on a vessel from China. On October 11, @USDA_APHIS positively identified the specimens via molecular testing as Asian gypsy moths.Learn: https://t.co/XXS7eUaut2 pic.twitter.com/nKLyGs2VH6

$24 MILLION IN HARD NARCOTICS SEIZED Within two days across two tractor-trailer seizures, CBP officers at the Otay Mesa Commercial Facility intercepted over 2.2 tons of meth and cocaine, leading to the arrest of two individuals.Read more: https://t.co/wwIaTWf8aB pic.twitter.com/bCsiSVAyCT



In two days, CBP officers in New Orleans seized eight shipments involving counterfeit merchandise and cosmetics that didn't meet @US_FDA safety and labeling requirements. Counterfeit products are often made of inferior materials.More: https://t.co/8DXPjlojwJ pic.twitter.com/l9FkCAViy9

CBP officers working at the Paso Del Norte border crossing seized 484lbs of bologna and 285lbs of cheese during the early morning hours on Thursday. This smuggling attempt was a "swiss" and a miss.More: https://t.co/pMH95wKzcJ pic.twitter.com/PM5XfUdAf3

Last weekend, CBP officers working at El Paso area ports of entry intercepted 31lbs of methamphetamine and 41lbs of cocaine across three separate seizures.Read: https://t.co/5dKl0hpLrZ pic.twitter.com/jz3W2oNQRt

RED LIGHTS, STOP SIGNSOn Wednesday morning, Louisville CBP officers seized two boxes mis-manifested as "postcard and postcard box." Inside, the shipment from Hong Kong contained 4,420 counterfeit driver's licenses. Learn: https://t.co/adGsgkhulT pic.twitter.com/x6IzxPdKR8


On Wednesday, @CBPAMO agents intercepted a vessel with two occupants and found 40 bales of cocaine onboard. The shipment weighed over 2,500lbs and was worth an estimated $26M.READ: https://t.co/e8K98Nuqoa pic.twitter.com/ZnJl7YdiSd

On October 11, CBP officers working in Norfolk seized over $130K in counterfeit children's clothing and backpacks featuring Disney characters, as well as mattress covers, infant loungers, and mosaic lamps bearing fake safety seals or labels.More: https://t.co/zoybiLMp78 pic.twitter.com/5A4wbOjozi

PLEASE LEAVE THE PET PIG AT HOMEOtay Mesa CBP officers conducting inbound inspections encountered travelers who declared their miniature-size pet pig. Live pigs are not allowed entry into the U.S. without a required Veterinary Service permit.Read: https://t.co/RZ6BYM4CHH pic.twitter.com/UIZq9OKd2q

In September 2022, USBP agents:▪️ seized a cloned Border Patrol vehicle attempting illegal entry: https://t.co/exUEzYi2eU▪️ seized 233lbs of meth in tractor-trailer: https://t.co/LxsbR4ehXl pic.twitter.com/Dv908akCeF

In September 2022, CBP officers seized:▪️ a shipment containing enough fentanyl to kill 220K+ people: https://t.co/03VWfAupl8▪️ $4.1M+ in drugs, firearms & pesticides: https://t.co/5bA4k7BN4V▪️ $11M+ in narcotics: https://t.co/1Liz9qk7wj pic.twitter.com/xb1fkU4CGV

Over 30 days, Dulles CBP officers seized over $227K in unreported currency from individuals flying to Ghana, Qatar, Ethiopia, and Nigeria. Any amount over $10K must be reported to comply with U.S. currency reporting laws.Learn: https://t.co/ATJ30Gm7cx pic.twitter.com/GB6zmHH7CO

#ICYMI: On October 8, Memphis agriculture specialists "pecked" away at a statue and uncovered palm seeds and bird carcasses encased inside. The shipment from Mexico City was en route to Texas and mis-manifested as a gift to a cousin "with crafts."More: https://t.co/zIDbnYDkUU pic.twitter.com/574XPOtOHN

In just two incidents, CBP officers in Hidalgo intercepted over $1M worth of cocaine. In the first incident, officers seized 20 packages weighing 45.59lbs. In the second, officers seized 15 packages weighing 36.64lbs.MORE: https://t.co/o8Oe7TWwVK pic.twitter.com/CFhkgXjWZk




The marijuana had a street value in the United States of about $8K and about $30K in Nigeria. Marijuana is illegal in Nigeria for both recreational and medical uses.https://t.co/CGFClLVZlN

#ICYMI: On October 13, Pharr CBP officers examined a commercial tractor-trailer arriving from Mexico. After physically inspecting the conveyance, officers seized 19 packages of fentanyl weighing 44lbs concealed within the tractor.Read: https://t.co/P38tLhD5QF pic.twitter.com/m7NLhhmdkH

Despite a smuggler's best efforts, hiding drugs under a children's toy will not fool our well-trained CBP officers.https://t.co/cGR0fdZRWW

#ICYMI: On October 6, El Paso CBP officers inspecting an incoming tractor trailer from Mexico identified anomalies located within the conveyance. A search by a CBP K9 led officers to 52 bundles with a combined weight of 128lbs of cocaine.More: https://t.co/lWiZ9Edxwz pic.twitter.com/9Ve0HF0x1S

NOT A GOURD HIDING SPOTEagle Pass CBP officers spilled the guts of several pumpkins on Tuesday and seized nearly 44lbs of liquid methamphetamine concealed inside.Details: https://t.co/Ane9SKQ4oT pic.twitter.com/wGu6o5YmaA


MORE THAN $1M WORTH OF MARIJUANA SEIZEDOver the weekend, @CBPRGV Border Patrol agents disrupted four narcotic smuggling events, resulting in nearly 1,300lbs of marijuana seized.More details: https://t.co/wkQYRaCoED pic.twitter.com/Kv2zLswJeq


Last week, CBP officers seized nearly $680K in cocaine across two smuggling attempts at the Brownsville and Matamoros International Bridge.Details: https://t.co/YZT0h8ipv5 pic.twitter.com/yLvDAoY0g7


On Tuesday, El Paso officers referred a vehicle for a secondary inspection where the examination revealed multiple packages concealed within, containing over 55lbs of cocaine. The estimated street value is over $600K.More: https://t.co/bM4NKvIH51 pic.twitter.com/dzzOrdes18

FAILED DRUG SMUGGLING ATTEMPTSBetween September 30 and October 1, CBP officers working at an El Paso port of entry seized a combined total of 17lbs of fentanyl, 13lbs of meth, and 10lbs of cocaine from individuals attempting entry from Mexico.Learn: https://t.co/oZ2fY54AGi pic.twitter.com/GGeLsUacr6

$1.5M+ IN COCAINE SEIZEDOver the weekend, Laredo CBP officers seized nearly 120lbs of cocaine worth over $1.5M in street value in four unrelated incidents. All four seizures occurred after a canine and non-intrusive inspection system examination.Learn: https://t.co/tioexGVg3j pic.twitter.com/rm0uNTRkJ1


Last Friday, @CBPElCentro USBP agents seized 233lbs of meth in a tractor trailer. After a K9 detection team alerted the agent, 110 vacuum-sealed packages were discovered inside the trailer. Learn more: https://t.co/LxsbR4ehXl pic.twitter.com/vjBHTSVTUj

From September 18-24, CBP officers in San Diego had eleven notable seizures:▪️ Two firearms, four magazines, and 205 rounds of ammunition▪️ 443lbs of meth▪️ 207lbs of fentanyl▪️ 21lbs of cocaine▪️ Five bottles of pesticides prohibited in the U.S➡️ https://t.co/5bA4k7BN4V pic.twitter.com/y2UPQoxT46

Eagle Pass CBP officers working this past weekend seized meth with an estimated street value of $328K. After referring a passenger vehicle for a secondary examination, officers uncovered nearly 36lbs of meth inside.More: https://t.co/MvcZdGiUHf pic.twitter.com/Lj09zRmZZO

On August 25, CBP officers in Memphis, Tennessee, seized over 11lbs of methamphetamine hidden in a shipment of coffee bags, liquid bottles, and other items. Learn more: https://t.co/S1V0fVAd8G pic.twitter.com/4oj6gSp6tS


On September 21, Louisville CBP officers detained a shipment from South Africa manifested as "water purification." When inspecting the package, officers found a bottle containing fentanyl and a small zip lock bag containing cocaine.Learn: https://t.co/03VWfAupl8 pic.twitter.com/eHHGPTe6qB

Last week, in two separate enforcement actions, Brownsville CBP officers seized cocaine with a combined estimated street value over $306K.Read: https://t.co/NHe2FjFOfC pic.twitter.com/abZITLoMKj


TRIPLE PLAY IN EAGLE PASSSaturday, CBP officers seized $578K in hard narcotics in a single enforcement action:▪️ 7lbs of fentanyl▪️ 20.9lbs of cocaine▪️ 14.9lbs of methLearn more: https://t.co/iJbPumD0O8 pic.twitter.com/lEWXRBtOxg



CBP agents and officers have seized more than 160,000lbs of methamphetamine during FY22 through the end of August.Check out additional agency drug seizure statistics by component, type, and location: https://t.co/PP4NpM6wQo pic.twitter.com/DXOBTtrySA

#ICYMI: On September 10, Indianapolis CBP officers inspected two shipments from the same shipper containing shirts inside gift boxes. An examination revealed 28lbs of ketamine concealed inside the gift boxes, worth about $200K.Read more: https://t.co/I4mJajM694 pic.twitter.com/y4hmXRBK23


Last Sunday, Blaine Sector Border Patrol agents seized 2.2lbs of ketamine from an undocumented migrant who illegally crossed the U.S./Canadian Border in a remote area east of Sumas, WA.More details: https://t.co/dy5SVGdbev pic.twitter.com/qRunBN9I3A

#ICYMI: On September 17, CBP officers working at the Pharr International Bridge Cargo Facility foiled a drug smuggling attempt with an estimated street value of $1.3M. In total, CBP officers seized nearly 100lbs of cocaine.Learn: https://t.co/AOng7VQEbt pic.twitter.com/xYmh8NYCoC

CBP agents and officers have seized more than 66,000lbs of cocaine during FY22 through the end of August.Check out additional agency drug seizure statistics by component, type, and location: https://t.co/PP4NpM5Z0Q pic.twitter.com/35y4BdCthv


Brownsville CBP officers seized nearly 24lbs of cocaine worth approximately $314,965 hidden within a vehicle. The seizure took place on Friday, September 16.More: https://t.co/hC1P2tO3c6 pic.twitter.com/DJ3Xu1HAye

San Diego CBP officers seized a combined $148,693 in unreported currency on three separate occasions. Federal law requires travelers to report all currency of $10K or more and complete a @USTreasury form.Read: https://t.co/FNXHuWHRjS pic.twitter.com/YuklfYItHh

This month, Cincinnati CBP officers stopped three shipments containing counterfeit designer jewelry that if genuine would have been worth over $10M. The counterfeits copied jewelry from brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, and more.Learn: https://t.co/qSvITj3DOs pic.twitter.com/u6SBGprl8l

On September 15, Eagle Pass CBP officers referred a truck hauling a trailer for a secondary exam. Following a canine and non-intrusive inspection system examination, CBP officers seized 6lbs of heroin concealed with a stainless steel burner.More: https://t.co/cCb7sFPhqa pic.twitter.com/qgoIBNcFsv


On Saturday, CBP officers at the Brownsville Port of Entry stopped a smuggling attempt of $211K worth of cocaine. Officers located nearly 16lbs of cocaine hidden in the traveler's vehicle.Learn: https://t.co/oAyHIFFqEZ pic.twitter.com/ELjGsSsAlb

Blaine Sector Border Patrol agents seized nearly 450lbs of crystal methamphetamine in a residential area near the Canadian border. The narcotics are valued at more than $1.7M.MORE: https://t.co/gJMyxwwtt3 pic.twitter.com/rbIrVW70AS

On September 9, Pharr CBP officers working at the cargo facility encountered a commercial tractor trailer arriving from Mexico. Concealed inside the trailer, officers located 266lbs of meth worth an estimated $2.3M.Learn more: https://t.co/LKkztPfjvk pic.twitter.com/iIXTKFaqyt

A BUSY WEEK!CBP officers from the Calexico and Andrade ports of entry intercepted seven narcotics smuggling attempts of nearly $3M in estimated street value over the course of one week. Officers seized more than 825lbs of narcotics.READ: https://t.co/bYrMraYev0 pic.twitter.com/cL3oUPyjuK

HOLES IN THIS STORYEl Paso CBP officers encountered a traveler who falsely declared 10 wheels of cheese; an examination revealed an additional 50 wheels of cheese. Many cheeses are subject to quota restrictions by both CBP and @USDAgov.More: https://t.co/dmNndDDvOH pic.twitter.com/8skndrMFim

PORT RECORD SEIZURE—On Monday, CBP officers at the Del Rio Port of Entry selected a tractor-trailer hauling a shipment of diesel tank reservoir containers for a secondary inspection and discovered 1,337lbs of meth inside.More via @CBPSouthTexas: https://t.co/ZVH4i5Ixgo pic.twitter.com/fAKRqahoxK

In August, Calexico CBP officers seized 471 assorted pharmaceutical items concealed in two different vehicles. Items were hidden inside a sealed microwave oven box located in a trunk, under seats, in a glove box and inside a backpack.Details: https://t.co/jU4xqe7cps pic.twitter.com/PbDqmOWlvm

Port Huron CBP officers seized over $1M in currency from a U.S. citizen after he failed to report the funds. Travelers are required to declare if they're carrying $10K in monetary instruments when travelling into or out of the United States.Learn more: https://t.co/sB8ddDk3eD pic.twitter.com/VgRtqGJbxa

On Tuesday, @CBPSouthTexas CBP officers referred a tractor-trailer hauling a shipment of plastic ethylene sheets for a secondary inspection. Following a canine and non-intrusive inspection system examination, officers located 545lbs of cocaine.More: https://t.co/qMsYXRlmXY pic.twitter.com/mA6tyCHxo7

Norfolk CBP officers recently seized 34,363 water bottles, coffee mugs and squeeze balls with the unauthorized use of superhero artwork that violated trademark protections. The items were appraised at $297,588 MSRP, had they been authentic.Read: https://t.co/BYr1gg9WBv pic.twitter.com/qnsDFbv6bS

DOUBLE PLAY IN LAREDOCBP officers working in Laredo seized cocaine valued at $7.6M within tractor trailers in two separate enforcement actions Tuesday, nearly 1,000lbs of cocaine in total.Learn more: https://t.co/cf9Ks3nLeG pic.twitter.com/6yDHqxI9YM

On August 25, Brownsville CBP officers seized cocaine valued at approximately $71.4K hidden inside a vehicle attempting entry into the United States. The seizure was preceded by non-intrusive and canine inspections.More: https://t.co/NZEyohwJWV pic.twitter.com/PKevR8vOTi

Last Thursday, @CBPBuffalo officers working at the Champlain Port of Entry encountered a traveler with over $230K in undeclared currency and a warrant out of New Jersey for a weapons charge.Learn more: https://t.co/sZxAmQx6Jz pic.twitter.com/4an0UsjGlj

Laredo CBP officers seized cocaine in one enforcement action over the weekend weighing over 1,533lbs, totaling over $11.8M in street value. The cocaine was mis-manifested as "baby wipes."Learn more: https://t.co/dLGACwuymQ pic.twitter.com/8OO8RiwwFG

Laredo CBP officers recently seized $390K in fentanyl in a passenger vehicle. Officers seized 12 packages containing a total of 28.66lbs of alleged fentanyl concealed within the vehicle.READ: https://t.co/EiRSisaLKc pic.twitter.com/kiit9QOzhT

CBP officers in New Mexico seized 4,600 Tramadol pills and 90lbs of prohibited pork bologna. Mexican bologna is a prohibited product because it has the potential for introducing foreign animal diseases to the U.S. pork industry.MORE: https://t.co/uW6LB0ic4F pic.twitter.com/qqXUoNnhD8

DRUG BUST!El Paso area CBP officers seized 2.82lbs of fentanyl, 7.80lbs of methamphetamine, 66lbs of cocaine and $41K in two separate unrelated incidents.MORE: https://t.co/eQ85uILiNV pic.twitter.com/epnhkb53MO

On August 17, Memphis CBP officers seized an ancient Egyptian artifact shipped from Europe. The artifact is on a list of items protected by bilateral treaties.Learn more: https://t.co/fSqRO6csxb pic.twitter.com/pYtCDCUNjr

Laredo CBP officers intercepted $248K in unreported currency and two weapons in an outbound enforcement action! Travelers are permitted to carry any amount of currency into or out of the U.S., but must report quantities of $10K or greater to CBP.READ: https://t.co/hFl15sIj2c pic.twitter.com/PTwbplS5FK

On August 17, Progreso CBP officers conducting a secondary examination searched within a vehicle gas tank and uncovered nearly 175lbs of liquid meth. The methamphetamine has an estimated street value of $2.4M.Read: https://t.co/Ou4D5SlU7L pic.twitter.com/VtF0jt3BGx

Louisville CBP officers recently seized:▪️ 1,484 Louis Vuitton earrings▪️ 1, 906 Chanel earrings▪️ 282 Dior earrings▪️ 300 Yves Saint Laurent earrings▪️ 1,680 Gucci pair of diamond earringsIf real, the earrings would have a MSRP over $3.5M.More: https://t.co/euACtJB4Po pic.twitter.com/1qJHP6LT5K

Last month while roving the international baggage belts, CBP K9 Dash alerted to a passenger's luggage, resulting in the discovery & seizure of prohibited food items. The seized contraband was found to have 4 harmful agriculture pests not yet established in the U.S. #CBPNYNWK pic.twitter.com/D2czLdz1BK

On Wednesday, El Paso CBP officers located 14lbs of cocaine hidden within a vehicle attempting entry from Mexico, following CBP K9 and non-intrusive inspections.Read: https://t.co/MhQzke0BIm pic.twitter.com/KKIZXo1ZYS

Last Tuesday, CBP officers working at the Hidalgo International Bridge foiled smuggling attempts with a combined $81K worth of cocaine and methamphetamine in two separate incidents.Read more: https://t.co/TZuVy2sXbz pic.twitter.com/APbKdJDJ45

On August 12, Philadelphia CBP officers searching a plane that arrived from Santo Domingo made a $1.3M discovery after looking under a blanket in an avionics technical space, uncovering 41lbs of cocaine.Read more: https://t.co/zExCxrynKs pic.twitter.com/KBIjiPtsCM

On Wednesday, CBP officers working at the Eagle Pass Camino Real Bridge seized more than 23lbs of meth after a K9 alerted to the possible presence of narcotics within a vehicle attempting entry from Mexico.More: https://t.co/GOVqkU2hAD pic.twitter.com/sdusa4g8hs

On Sunday, El Paso CBP officers conducting outbound inspections encountered two individuals who gave a negative declaration for currency. After a search with a CBP currency-firearms detector canine, CBP officers located $89K.More: https://t.co/cL1lgG6ugy pic.twitter.com/d5eNiX7fvr

.@CBP officers at the Port of Nogales AZ seized a vehicle containing:Over 250,000 fentanyl pills (some of which were different colors, similar to the appearance of candy)11 LBS heroin10 LBS methOfficers made sure these dangerous narcotics won't make it to U.S. cities! pic.twitter.com/wzf9D0BYEB

Cincinnati CBP stopped a shipment containing an assortment of counterfeit Cartier jewelry & various non trademarked jewelry. This shipment heading to Fort Smith AR, contained 46 fake Cartier necklaces & bracelets. Had these items been real, the MSRP would have been $1.57M. pic.twitter.com/HEpvgbxAJh

THAT'S NOT LAUNDRY DETERGENTOn Saturday, CBP officers working at the Paso Del Norte border crossing seized methamphetamine and fentanyl concealed within a basket containing laundry during a secondary inspection of a vehicle.Learn more: https://t.co/JakdcmM9Y5 pic.twitter.com/2wllJam8pW

On Saturday, CBP officers at the Nogales Port of Entry seized 90 pounds of meth concealed in false floor built into the bed of the truck.On Sunday, CBP officers seized another 17 pounds of meth concealed in the dash of a vehicle. pic.twitter.com/My05eClqIr

By this time last year our #NYFO CBP agriculture specialists had made 12,826 interceptions of prohibited agricultural items. So far this year they have made 17,493 interceptions. That is a 36% increase in intercepting invasive plant & animal species from entering our environment! pic.twitter.com/IDWhc43xBo

At MSP, CBP & FWS intercepted a shipment of shirts arriving from Laos & heading to a residence in Rochester MN. Inside there was clothing, reptile (lizard) & pork meat. The pork meat is prohibited & was properly destroyed & the reptile meat was turned over to FWS for disposition. pic.twitter.com/2F52pfql4v

On August 4, CBP officers working at the Brownsville and Matamoros International Bridge foiled the plan of an individual attempting to smuggle nearly 15lbs of cocaine. Details: https://t.co/nbGrbwIiEK pic.twitter.com/O6Cmp8Zrnw

Take a peek at what CBP officers in Nogales have been seizing ⬇️ https://t.co/KBNBVK21jQ

Recently, Cincinnati CBP officers seized three shipments with a total of 801 pieces of jewelry and watches deemed counterfeit by CBP's Centers of Excellence and Expertise. Had these pieces been authentic, their MSRP would be valued over $6.88M.Read: https://t.co/0oICnpSHzH pic.twitter.com/K9KHNUQXFq

Norfolk CBP officers inspecting a shipment from Turkey caught the unauthorized use of the "Seal of Cotton" trademark on 165,707 pairs of diabetic cotton socks. Substandard manufacturing could endanger the health and well-being of diabetic patients.Read: https://t.co/fzGWW3ZYnr pic.twitter.com/XagFjuABNz

On August 6, El Paso CBP officers stopped individuals attempting to smuggle 16lbs of fentanyl. After referring a vehicle for a secondary screening, a narcotic seizure was made with the help of a CBP canine and a non-intrusive inspection.More: https://t.co/JNjLYPxDkr pic.twitter.com/WLm2L2fYTp

Last month, @CBP Officers from the Port of NY/Newark's Anti-Terrorism Contraband Enforcement Team seized undeclared firearms parts concealed in the checked luggage of a passenger attempting to depart the U.S. for Turkey. #CBPNYNWK pic.twitter.com/Iy0er3NKHJ

LEAVING WITH SNAKES, SCORPIONS AND MORELast Wednesday, Hidalgo CBP officers conducting outbound inspections discovered two boxes filled with labeled bags and containers. Inside, they found 95 exotic reptiles and insects.Read: https://t.co/Tjcw8qzLQo pic.twitter.com/K4ClgLMgQ4

Today, we celebrate #NationalDollarDay, #NYFO style! While examining a passenger's bags arriving from Japan, agriculture specialists spotted $3.5M dollars in counterfeit $100 bills hidden inside! Nothing funny about that much phony money! pic.twitter.com/27FwlgzqvZ

FENTANYL BUST IN SAN DIEGO SECTOROn Wednesday, @CBPSanDiego's Murrieta Border Patrol checkpoint agents arrested a man with nearly 50lbs of fentanyl concealed inside his vehicle.More details: https://t.co/mbAK0BO7lo pic.twitter.com/hwvh70xvMR

The latest narcotic seizures from @CBPSanDiego CBP officers include::July 22: 128lbs of meth hidden in a vehicleJuly 23: 47lbs of fentanyl concealed in a vehicleJuly 24: 57lbs of fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, & meth hidden in a spare tire well Read: https://t.co/lYh8TBj64G pic.twitter.com/1AWS13gLxt

FENTANYL SEIZURE IN THE DERBY CITYEarly Thursday morning, Louisville CBP officers seized a package containing 50,000 lethal doses of fentanyl while inspecting shipments. The parcel was shipped from India and labeled its contents as "medicine."More: https://t.co/DhCrFdyhiB pic.twitter.com/CrdCrH2FcJ

Early this week, @CBPSanDiego Border Patrol agents conducted a bi-national operation with Mexico law enforcement in the Otay Mountains, resulting in the seizure of a loaded rifle magazine, 75 rounds of 7.62 ammunition, and 29 makeshift ladders.More: https://t.co/LfiL1T9uzL pic.twitter.com/XVJaRLNmun

DON'T FORGET ABOUT DRE@CBPBuffalo officers working in July seized a shipment of counterfeit Beats Tour earphones. If the package hadn't been full of fakes, the MSRP would have been over $25K.Read on: https://t.co/iNDrh0NVbJ pic.twitter.com/kuYzIuxmpV

On Saturday, @CBP Officers at the Nogales, #AZ Port of Entry seized over 210,000 fentanyl pills hidden in metal boxes attached to the rims of all four mounted tires of a vehicle.Another excellent find by our officers! pic.twitter.com/CB45FQ2zTF

DÉJÀ VU: Creative concealment method repeats itself as @CBP officers at the Port of Nogales AZ seized over 22,000 fentanyl pills concealed within the walker of a traveler.Our officers are trained to detect ongoing trends & anomalies as they process thousands of travelers daily. pic.twitter.com/wgIIYQqGge

On Monday, San Diego Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a U.S. citizen transporting nearly 19lbs of meth hidden in the undercarriage of his vehicle.More details: https://t.co/oxgTlrnz9D pic.twitter.com/e7VN9EAw3F

On July 18, Roma CBP agriculture specialists stopped a "First in Nation" pest, a beetle found within maguey leaves in a tractor trailer hauling fresh vegetables. This pest is known to feed on wood materials or herbaceous plants. Learn: https://t.co/wBqrF2Q9oU pic.twitter.com/jTYf27V4z9

Another busy weekend at #AZ ports:@CBP officers impeded illicit activity by transnational criminal organizations seizing over•672,000 fentanyl pills•247 LBS meth•32 LBS fentanyl powder•13 LBS cocaine•11 LBS heroinThe combined est. street value of the narcotics=$21.1M! pic.twitter.com/jYb5eEhbv4

.@CBP officers in Norfolk, Va., seize counterfeit artwork of reggae icon Bob Marley and the clown prince of crime Joker that was destined to an address in Louisville, Kentucky. Everything's gonna be all right if you don't buy fakes. Details at https://t.co/v146pr0dHS pic.twitter.com/0MpGTTQBX1

For the 1st time ever, STL AG Specialist discovered a bag of seed pods that had never been seen in St. Louis. AG specialist searched the baggage of an arriving passenger & discovered the seeds. USDA confirmed the seeds were Federal Noxious Weed-the first time ever in St. Louis. pic.twitter.com/hUOBjsZRga

On May 27, CBP officers in Seattle inspected a container from Kenya with @USCG. Upon opening the container, they discovered 20,000lbs of khat mis-manifested as "tea" and worth an estimated $3.6M in street value.More: https://t.co/sMIQvZ9DGe pic.twitter.com/Se9CGISFiM

WATER-BASED...NARCOTICS? On Monday, Laredo CBP officers seized 216lbs of methamphetamine concealed within a tractor trailer hauling a shipment of water-based rubber. The estimated street value of the seizure is over $4.3M.Read more: https://t.co/OgGdyjYIEi pic.twitter.com/E6Zbf6Sv2a

Eagle Pass CBP officers seized an estimated $306K of black tar heroin on July 12. An individual was attempting entry from Mexico and their vehicle was selected for inspection; the physical exam revealed 12lbs of heroin hidden within.Learn more: https://t.co/QHRNlhygSS pic.twitter.com/G0sJXFLiu7

CBP agriculture specialists intercepted 8lbs of live snails at the port of Memphis Friday in a shipment from Italy. This species of mollusk is deemed as a serious pest due to its ability to rapidly aggregate and was referred for destruction.Learn: https://t.co/9WS0pnXnoT pic.twitter.com/ORBeRDipur

Border Patrol agents arrested an individual attempting to smuggle 250lbs of fentanyl near Campo, CA, early Monday morning. The estimated street value is over $3M.More: https://t.co/NqcaY6bxsr pic.twitter.com/1FYYK3fSbu

Early last week, San Clemente Station Border Patrol agents seized over 65lbs of meth and 41lbs of cocaine in 2 separate incidents on Interstate 5.Read more: https://t.co/hzlyZWFcbX pic.twitter.com/VtXD0kdQHD

On Friday, CBP officers working at the Hidalgo International Bridge seized nearly 48lbs of cocaine hidden within a passenger vehicle.More: https://t.co/bv6QKb8Tlc pic.twitter.com/mpBEnac4F0

TAKE A LOAD OFFIn a single action on Sunday, Brownsville CBP officers seized 181lbs of meth. The narcotics were hidden throughout a vehicle attempting entry into the United States.Read more: https://t.co/UamKPGaJEv pic.twitter.com/9gskHpQmHu

Over the weekend at #Arizona ports of entry @CBP officers seized over:• 130 LBS of methamphetamine • 228,000 fentanyl pills• 120 LBS of marijuana• 8 LBS of cocaineThe combined est. street value of all narcotics $7.2 million. Excellent work by our officers! pic.twitter.com/94ar6MCjj8

In June 2022, CBP officers seized:▪️ $22.5M in counterfeit Rolex & Cartier watches: https://t.co/Pdr6yum2NE ▪️ psilocybin mushrooms: https://t.co/oq3ib7dM2F▪️ fentanyl in a motorcycle: https://t.co/bof2CKOWRE▪️ ketamine in cosmetics shipment: https://t.co/LZQAM9yOqM pic.twitter.com/s7bfSXaAOR

In June 2022, Border Patrol agents:▪️ seized $400K of narcotics during a vehicle stop: https://t.co/JCmamIGFbl▪️ seized 29.6lbs of meth hidden inside children's booster seats: https://t.co/HO1DfnIvYw▪️ rescued 13 migrants from railcars https://t.co/zaNcLjxIX3 pic.twitter.com/XzG4JL89vI

ROUX THE DAYOn July 3, Otay Mesa CBP officers searched a vehicle after spotting packages wrapped in plastic. They found 100lbs of fentanyl hidden within flour bags, ground coffee cans, creamer cans and powdered milk cans.MORE: https://t.co/UhYq8xGJaW pic.twitter.com/THNlSSgunR

Earlier this week, CBP officers in Indianapolis and Louisville seized 178 counterfeit championship rings and 171 counterfeit professional sports jerseys that, if authentic, would have had a combined MSRP value of $288K.Read more: https://t.co/fOl3oC4lAj pic.twitter.com/Ji38hGlmoe

CBP agriculture specialists working at @AUStinAirport inspected fresh flowers in arriving cargo and found a variety of prohibited pests and plant diseases, including a "first in port" pest discovery.Details: https://t.co/TJTJ2NCelZ pic.twitter.com/9dz3pxeNDy

On July 8, El Paso CBP officers seized 34lbs of cocaine after a secondary inspection of a vehicle which included canine and non-intrusive inspections. A handgun was also found within the vehicle.Read more: https://t.co/C0az3w9WP4 pic.twitter.com/4xvjosG2ef

In the very early hours of July 4, CBP officers in Calexico scanned a train coming from Mexico utilizing the rail x-ray imaging system and noticed anomalies on one of the rail cars. CBP officers seized 174lbs of meth concealed in the cross beams.More: https://t.co/aGmwmrdqoN pic.twitter.com/cech5MPLdR

Over the last few weeks, CBP officers working at El Paso area ports of entry have stopped multiple smuggling attempts of fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, and meth.Learn more: https://t.co/scxK15pIf6 pic.twitter.com/9NmpuV0kC1

A truck hauling a shipment of "juice" was referred for a canine and non-intrusive inspection system examination by Laredo CBP officers on July 7. This led to the seizure of 87lbs of cocaine hidden within the tires of the trailer.More from @CBPSouthTexas: https://t.co/Dj5puK828z pic.twitter.com/Gpc7i0ISMP

Last month, Otay Mesa agriculture specialists stopped species of mealybugs and longhorn beetles that @USDA_APHIS identified as "First-in-Port" and "First-in-Nation" discoveries. Learn more: https://t.co/DpZ6BZVrT1 pic.twitter.com/5t7HLomaJa

#ICYMI - $12.7M COCAINE SEIZUREOn Thursday, Ramey Sector Border Patrol agents and the Toa Baja Municipal Police seized 1,342lbs of cocaine left inside a smuggling vessel in El Paraiso Beach.More: https://t.co/ETD2DUaCvj pic.twitter.com/KalvVw2QzQ

DUMPSTER DIVE?On June 30, Santa Teresa CBP officers selected a dump trailer for secondary inspection. After a non-intrusive inspection identified anomalies in the appearance of the dump trailer, officers seized 1,037lbs of meth hidden inside.Read: https://t.co/QEmLjAsFaE pic.twitter.com/g4ZvnXyxmd

FENTANYL BUST: Port of #Nogales @CBP officers discovered over 40,000 fentanyl pills concealed within the battery of a vehicle. The continuous hard work & dedication of our officers enhances our #BorderSecurity day by day. pic.twitter.com/6cK3E3bGXl

Memphis CBP officers seized 40 undeclared live plants sent from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, wrongly described as cotton dresses. Some of the plants were: Rhynchostylis, Dimocarpus longan, Chrysophyllum, Ochna, and Averrhoa.More: https://t.co/nBvcWuoRtY pic.twitter.com/8uEnjdR0ld

On June 16, Otay Mesa CBP officers and a narcotic detector dog screened a vehicle that was concealing nearly 90lbs of fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine combined, with an estimated street value of approximately $1.1M.More: https://t.co/m2pacTY36Y pic.twitter.com/UVRMViUERO

A FUMBLE AND A SACK#ICYMI: From May 1-June 27, CBP officers in Louisville intercepted 407lbs of narcotics heading to Australia and New Zealand, including more than 12lbs of methamphetamine hidden in the lining of footballs.Learn: https://t.co/t6IT2xfAq9 pic.twitter.com/nI51aQEila

.@CBPAMO AGENTS BUST $9M WORTH OF DRUGSEarlier this week while conducting a patrol, Puerto Rico AMO Marine Interdiction Agents interdicted a vessel with 2 occupants transporting 902lbs of cocaine near Desecheo Island.Read more ➡️ https://t.co/TX2RcfGCus pic.twitter.com/vm11XJDzhG

In Chicago, AG K9 Bettie alerted to a passenger's bag. The bag had diapers. The passenger declared food & only presented 1 diaper for inspection, however, officers found an additional 6 diapers full of sausage. A total of 30lbs of suspected beef sausage was removed & destroyed. pic.twitter.com/TEhfTFNovU

#ICYMI - On June 14, Laredo CBP officers seized 75lbs of meth hidden within perishable goods in a vehicle arriving from Mexico. Later, CBP officers seized 3lbs of heroin hidden within a cardboard package in a service truck arriving from Mexico.Read: https://t.co/2JOiK52cbY pic.twitter.com/rF2Novin4y

O’Hare AG K-9 Ozcar alerted to checked luggage from Vietnam. The passenger gave a negative declaration. Officers found 2lbs of bird's nest, 4lbs unknown flossed meat, & 2lbs of pork sausage. Vietnam is a country affected w/ Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza & African Swine Fever. pic.twitter.com/jmLbpHeZb8

#ICYMI - Last week, Pharr CBP officers inspected a commercial tractor trailer and extracted 1,200 packages of methamphetamine weighing nearly 311lbs concealed within the trailer. The estimated street value of the seizure is $4.3M.Learn more: https://t.co/P358FwJrd2 pic.twitter.com/aTrCu1ijks

On June 6, Calexico CBP officers identified anomalies in the gas tank area of a vehicle attempting entry from Mexico. A CBP K9 screened the vehicle and alerted to the presence of narcotics. Inside, nearly 55lbs of fentanyl was concealed.More: https://t.co/cGPIv5yptD pic.twitter.com/ymO5iHCp5n

On Sunday, @CBPBuffalo officers encountered a passenger vehicle occupied by four individuals. During an inspection of the vehicle and passengers, officers found narcotics, currency, two firearms, and a high-capacity ammunition-drum.Learn more: https://t.co/nVqSkgt21F pic.twitter.com/A6N0PeIh1k

Laredo CBP officers seized 80lbs of methamphetamine and 18lbs of heroin during an inspection of a commercial bus arriving from Mexico. The enforcement action occurred on June 19 and the drugs have an estimated street value of nearly $2.1M.Read more: https://t.co/pDGqWFEVjv pic.twitter.com/fkuHkUj1lS

On Friday, Pharr CBP officers inspected a commercial tractor trailer and extracted 1,200 packages of methamphetamine weighing nearly 311lbs concealed within the trailer. The estimated street value of the seizure is $4.3M.Learn more: https://t.co/P358FwrQlu pic.twitter.com/s6m8MJHlc2

On June 14, Laredo CBP officers seized 75lbs of meth hidden within perishable goods in a vehicle arriving from Mexico. Later, CBP officers seized 3lbs of heroin hidden within a cardboard package in a service truck arriving from Mexico.Read: https://t.co/2JOiK52cbY pic.twitter.com/3RClk7p59X

CBP officers in Brownsville seized $595K in methamphetamine. CBP officers discovered 3 packages hidden within a 2008 Chrysler which contained nearly 30lbs of the drug.READ: https://t.co/tu7YMcEdMF pic.twitter.com/iyIEx56V1u

Over the past week, CBP officers working at the El Paso area ports of entry have encountered several individuals attempting to smuggle fentanyl concealed inside their bodies.More details ➡️ https://t.co/bOdXzEHbOz pic.twitter.com/7Mr862KZ8H

On June 8, Cincinnati CBP officers seized 45lbs of ketamine after intercepting four shipments destined to locations in Australia, Canada, and the UK. The drugs were concealed in a shipment of cosmetics and protein nutritional supplements.More: https://t.co/uKuV5cXAZ0 pic.twitter.com/nS7zndhRve

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