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Turnstile’s Management Company Gold Theory Artists Expands

Jul 21, 2023

Founded in 2022 by James Vitalo, the company has brought managers Jack Babnew and Max Dubois into the fold.

By Lyndsey Havens

James Vitalo‘s Gold Theory Artists has added managers Jack Babnew and Max Dubois, the company announced Tuesday (May 30).

Vitalo, who has helped steer the breakout success of Turnstile, founded the full-service boutique management company last year. Babnew, previously at TMWRK, will co-manage new client Beach Fossils alongside Vitalo, while Dubois, who launched his own management company in 2020 will bring along his clients Hana Vu and julie, and will co-manage new clients Deafheaven and MSPAINT alongside Vitalo.

"When I set out to start Gold Theory, I knew I wanted to eventually expand beyond myself and my team to include other managers, but only those that felt aligned with the company's ethos and possess the same all-or-nothing mentality," says Vitalo in a statement. "I’ve seen both Max and Jack's work over the years and deeply respect their knowledge of and passion for the industry, so it was a no-brainer to bring them into the fold when the stars aligned."

The expansion comes at a great time for Vitalo, as Turnstile scored three Grammy nominations ahead of the 2023 ceremony. The punk band is currently on tour with Blink-182. Meanwhile, Gold Theory client Knocked Loose has taken on the festival circuit, with the hardcore band performing at Coachella and Bonnaroo this year. Gold Theory's roster also includes Gatecreeper, Hana Vu, Harm's Way, julie, Terror, SeeYouSpaceCowboy and Undeath.

Gold Theory's growth signals a potential shift in the management space, with young managers opting to leave larger firms — or never sign with one to begin with — to either operate independently or work together at a company that operates independently.

"My whole life, I’ve been drawn to those who do things on their own terms — the risk-takers, the rule-breakers, the people who hear ‘you can't do that’ and respond, ‘Watch me,’" says Babnew. "James and his roster at Gold Theory embody that spirit. As I grow my own career and define the terms for myself, I wouldn't want to do it alongside anyone else."

"Finding great people who happen to work with great artists is an incredibly difficult needle to thread," adds Dubois. "I’ve always been excited about building something meaningful and impactful with people who push me to be the best version of myself. What James has done with the roster at Gold Theory has been undeniable and the people he's brought in to drive the machine is exactly the combination I’m grateful to be a part of."

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